  font size 12

Main task
Reflect on your own negotiation practices using following the below instructions: Think of examples in/of:
  Positive negotiation
  Negative negotiation
  Pointless negotiation
  ‘Never mind’ negotiation
Think of someone who
  Likes ‘haggling’ over prices at a market?
  Is good at problem-solving?
  Is often willing to ‘give way’ when making arrangements?
  Is very persuasive?
  Insists on having it his/her way?
And answer to any TWO questions from the below list:
  Do you like ‘haggling’ over prices at a market?
  Are you good at problem-solving?
  How willing are you to ‘give way’ when making arrangements?
  How persuasive are you?
  Do you ever insist on having it ‘your way’?
Other details:

  Font size 12
  Double-spaced
  Number of words: 400
All referencing and citations require Harvard referencing style.

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